/ Compression bandage kit

Compression bandage kit

2-layer compression system.

Compression kit consisting of a latex-free padding bandage and a cohesive bandage with strong compression and short traction. The padding bandage is a white, soft, adaptable cotton, viscose, polyamide and elastane elastic bandage that absorbs fluids and redistributes pressure to prevent injuries to bony prominences.
The cohesive bandage is a flesh-colored 100% cotton bandage coated on both sides with latex-free cohesive mass, with an elasticity that allows the tension to vary and thus obtain effective compression. Its cohesive and non-slip effect ensures that the compression system remains in place for 7 days.

Indicated for the treatment of venous leg ulcers and for the reduction of chronic venous edema.



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18 – 25 cm

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25 – 32 cm

8 Kits

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